Solo Exhibitions

        80 framed images
M/V The World, Residensea: At sea 2009

        Up to 340 framed images and the Keoughs’ tome
Helson Gallery: Georgetown, Halton Hills, Canada. 2018  
University of British Columbia: Vancouver, Canada. 2009
Bezirks Museum: Vienna, Austria. 2009  
Institute of Ocean Sciences: Saanich, Canada. 2008-09   
Western Washington University: Bellingham, USA. 2008   
Colorado Christian University: USA. 2008   
University of Colorado at Boulder: USA. 2007   
University of Innsbruck: Austria. 2007   
Szabó Ervin Metropolitan Library:
            Budapest, Hungary. 2007   
National Natural History Museum:
            Budapest, Hungary. 2007  
University of California at Merced: USA. 2007   
Lafayette College: Pennsylvania, USA. 2006 - 2007   
FotoFo: Bratislava, Slovakia. 2005   
Harry Ranson Center, University of Texas: USA. 2004

Group Exhibitions

Antarctic Museum of Ushuaia,
Museo Antártico Ushuaia Dr. José Maria Sobral

    & Maritime Musuem, Museo Marítimo y del Presidio de
    Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina. 2019.
2018 Polar Symposium
     NWO Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research:
     The Hague, Netherlands. 2018
Water: Our Thirsty World
     Annenberg Space for Photography: California,USA. 2010
Antarctica: A Tale to Tell
     Auckland City Libraries: New Zealand. 2008
Collected Works: A Public Legacy
     Toronto Public Library: Canada. 2007   
Behind the Seen: The Chrysler’s Hidden Museum
     Chrysler Museum of Art: Virginia, USA. 2005-6
Monumental Landscapes
    Fahey/Klein Gallery: Los Angeles, USA. 2004

ALASKA’s Copper River Delta
Artists for Nature project 1998-2000
New York State Museum
Smithsonian Institute
Frye Art Museum, Seattle
Art Museum of Santa Cruz County
University of Alaska
Anchorage Museum of Art and History

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Photo Credit: Jeanette Fraser
Photo Credit: Endre Somogyi
Photo Credit: Josef Durport
Photo Credit: Josef Durport
Photo Credit: Josef Durport
Photo Credit: Josef Durport


 This husband and wife team have a special gift that surpasses mere photography; their work conveys impressions and stimulates the senses. The sheer beauty of the photographs belies description; the artistry must be seen first hand.

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